Bliss Amongst the Busy

Claremont Canyon Oakland hike

Today was an incredibly busy day. I have a list of 30 things to do for project launch prep, and it keeps growing. It seems like with each one thing I tick off, two more things are added.  But that’s the nature of projects…


What’s important is my attitude around trip prep has shifted. Two weeks ago, when I was hustling to vacate my apartment, I thought I had lost my mind. I couldn’t remember basic things, I confused instructions easily, and made assumptions that lead to disaster.


What seemed to break that cycle was finally getting up to Carson Pass for a mountaineering practice weekend. Finally, I was in my pickup, living like how I’ll live for the next 12+ months. Although still a bit frazzled the following week, I was much better. Getting a good workout on Red Lake peak helped get some anxiety out. Also, I got to chat with the lovely Miss Anna T., who is also a member of the Shasta Girl Power Weekend. It was nice to bond with another climber, knowing we can watch out for each other on the mountain.


Tonight I visited with an old neighbor here in Oakland. He is also planning a road trip before he settles into job hunting now that his MBA is complete. (Congrats, Jonel!) He mentioned how he was working towards packing up, but still relaxing & trying to stay mellow. He said he’s taking each day as it comes. If he doesn’t get something done today, he can do it tomorrow.


Wise words from a 20-something.


Although I was a bit envious at his relaxed attitude, I reminded myself that everyone has their process. I have way more details to iron out, and a lot more responsibility than my friend. I’m almost 10 years older, and have that much more financial & physical commitments.


The point is, I, too, have arrived at his mellow attitude. Despite running around a lot today, I kept my head about me, breathed, took a few moments to meditate when things got rough, prayed, gave thanks, and got back in a reasonable hour to write this blog. I’m really proud of my progress.  Sometimes an old dog _can_ learn new tricks.


Breathe – whatever you need to do, it can wait one more day. Enjoy the moment…


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