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The Clown’s Come Back

Fundraiser The Spice Monkey clown noses

Many years ago, while attending a graduate program for psychology, I attended a one-day workshop on the psychology of clowns. The leader had a new clown nose for each person. One by one, each participant walked to the front of the room, and after turning their back to the group,… Read On

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A Coastal Rain

Yesterday, I went on a 6 mile run along the beach. It rained the entire time, no one was out on the sidewalks, and the beach was empty except for ornery seagulls and seaweed shrapnel.   It was the first time in a while, where my shoulders relaxed, my breath… Read On

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Interview: Wendy Ellen, Oakland, CA — 20Jun11

Interview: Wendy Ellen, Oakland, CA -- 20Jun11 from The SpokenCoast Project on Vimeo.

This is the first interview I've shot & edited with the Nikon D5100 HD camera. The sound was the most difficult to edit & match up. However, Wendy Ellen's story is quite powerful, and can speak to all women today. Hope you enjoy it, & thanks for supporting The SpokenCoast Project!

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Transitions with a Capital T

It was recently pointed out to me by a couple friends, that I’m in a major Transition. With Transition, comes Vulnerability. The dreaded “v” word. Another friend sent me this great video on a researcher & her take on the importance of Vulnerability. Like her, I shun Vulnerability. It stinks.… Read On

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Call out for interviews


It has begun! My first SpokenCoast project video was on Monday afternoon with a dear friend. Actually, it was the 2nd official interview. But, the first one was with a crappy camera. Yesterday’s interview was with my new Nikon D5100 super ultra mega humdinger of a gadget. This thing does… Read On

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Shasta delay…again

Marissa Krupa at summit of Mt. Tam

Sad to report that I’ve pushed out Shasta again…to August. Not sure if the snow conditions will be alright, but I’ll just have to cross my fingers. There’s simply no way with my whiplash recovery to safely go next weekend. This past Wednesday I practiced on Mt. Tam with a… Read On

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Video Blog: Mental snapshot before Carson Pass class 07May11

The SpokenCoast Project: Video Blog 07May11 from The SpokenCoast Project on Vimeo.

This video blog captures a snapshot of my mental state, thoughts, & feelings as I crest into the final month of prep before launching on my journey. Assisted by the venerable Keith Barrie on cinematography duty. See what it's like for a real, live person to make a major change in her life. It ain't all honey & roses... But, I wouldn't change a thing. Enjoy!

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Video Blog: Training Run with a view – 06May11

The SpokenCoast Project - Training Run 06May11 from The SpokenCoast Project on Vimeo.

Here's another installment of Training Video. Stairs, great views, stairs, temples, stairs...did I mention stairs? Enjoy!

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Spokencoast Fundraiser a success!

Fundraise Spice Monkey Restaurant Susanne Marissa Guy Cheryl

Wah – it’s so hard to catch up on all the videos to edit & photos to upload. ┬áBut there’s a teaser attached to this post to let you know what a great afternoon we all had. The best part was that everyone who showed up was willing to play… Read On

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