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It has begun! My first SpokenCoast project video was on Monday afternoon with a dear friend. Actually, it was the 2nd official interview. But, the first one was with a crappy camera. Yesterday’s interview was with my new Nikon D5100 super ultra mega humdinger of a gadget. This thing does everything short of bake bread.

I wish I had some & footage to share with you, but I’ve been so hella frickin’ ass busy that I haven’t downloaded it. Just getting to the video edits backed up in my queue is a time-suck. But the photo on this blog is a start. The quality of this camera is really something else!

Nevertheless, I am still seeking out interviews before I leave the Bay Area. My goal to depart is Wednesday, June 29th. I’m up in Lake Tahoe now through tomorrow. I can come back on Sunday for shooting if someone is available then.

Also, I have Monday day free, and Tuesday a small window mid-day free. The afternoons are both taken up by interviews.

Please spread the word on this to all you know! Once I get some videos edited and up on the webpage, I’ll be able to properly promote the project & get better traction for sponsorship. This is a huge help for me – so thanks in advance!

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