Spokencoast Fundraiser a success!

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Wah – it’s so hard to catch up on all the videos to edit & photos to upload.  But there’s a teaser attached to this post to let you know what a great afternoon we all had.

The best part was that everyone who showed up was willing to play along with the silly Human Scrabble game. It was a blast!  Participation is the key to enjoying life…

After that, folks came up to the mic to espouse on yours truly. Thankfully not too many roasts!  Sincerely though, the love & excitement & well wishes were incredibly inspiring. I am truly blessed with amazingly thoughtful, beautiful & silly friends!

The financial generosity absolutely blew my mind. The tally ended at 90% over my goal! This completely blew my mind & touched my heart so deeply. It is a testament not only to my amazing friends, but also to their belief in me that I can actually accomplish the quest I’ve set my mind to. And it also speaks to the power of telling our stories to offer hope, instead of wallow in misery. I can only hope that as I build an interview library, momentum will continue to build.

But, what really made the afternoon so delightful was the sense of community in the room. People who I barely knew & others I had known for 10 years showed up, co-mingled, and rallied around this project. The impact this had on my own inspiration, as well as others who expressed to me how inspired they were, was significant. When people come together in love, support, & compassion, it is a powerful force that can create much good in the world.

After the event, I stopped by to pick up something at a friend’s near my old place off Lake Merritt.  The clouds had finally packed their bags, sunlight was glimmering gold on the lake, and half the neighborhood poured out onto the trails for this window of beauty. I was struck, driving around the lake, that this was it. I’m really leaving. It was quite bittersweet– I will miss many things about the Bay, my friends, the growth & changes I made here, and the incredible life I lived. Yet, I’m also incredibly excited to explore new places, meet new people, and throw the pain & grief of my loss onto a collective fire, to be burned into ashes of something new, something that can help other people too, something that can build the kind of community we all experienced on Saturday.

Thank you all for your encouragement, support, love & kindness. Thank you to all the friends who let me stay at their houses these last 2 months. Thank you to all the attendees on Saturday. And thank you to all those who have donated to far. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude!

Well, despite wanting to say more, I’m exhausted & need to get up at the crack for a run. While Shasta has been moved to June 26-27, the training never stops…

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