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Daily Life In Point Hope, AK

Steve Ooomittuk in Point Hope sod house with whale bones

You’ll have to forgive me dear readers, on my zigzag way of writing. Regrettably, I had lots of blog post ideas earlier in the week, didn’t act on them, and now they are gone like Puff the Magic Dragon. But, that’s ok. Today I’m leaving for Kotzebue, and finally writing… Read On

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Impressions of Seattle

Mt. Rainier, moon, mountain shadow, sunset

Surprisingly, I don’t think I have any photos of Seattle! After climbing Mt. Rainier, I was pretty vegetative. So, I’ll just put another mountain photo on this post. My few days in Seattle post-climbing, pre-Alaska were pretty spectacular, despite the pain in my feet. The weather was off-the-charts beautiful, and… Read On

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What I Learned on Mt. Rainier

Marissa Ice Climbing Rainier

Here’s post #2 about the Mt. Rainier summit. It seems like the summit happened 10 years ago. Life in Point Hope, AK has taken over everything. Living in the moment never felt so good. But, it all started on Mt. Rainier. Climbing a 14,000 foot mountain requires flexibility, yet discipline.… Read On

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Mt. Rainier Summit Success!

Marissa summit Mt. Rainier

Hello great readers! I’m super excited to report that I successfully summited Mt. Rainer on August 12, 2011 approximately at 6AM. It was really fantastic! The previous 4 days were spent learning crevasse rescue techniques with the RMI school. The three instructors, Adam, Andy, & Timmy were wonderful, very knowledgeable,… Read On

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Mt. Rainier Memorial

Mt. Rainier from valley 7 miles outside Eatonville, WA

It’s finally happening, in just 2 short days I’ll be learning cravasse rescue on Mt. Rainier with the RMI guide company.   This is also the first time I’ll be creating a memorial for my brother, Mickey. I still have to spray paint some rocks green, so people can know which… Read On

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Instant Love Machine

Delilah in the towel closet

                      This poem is dedicated to the Bigge family of Anacortes, WA.    Instant love machine Just add skritchy scratches   Takeover lap time You don’t need both hands   In & out doortime Welcomed with squeaks   Deliberate dirt… Read On

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Ode to Earl

Earl in the garden

                      This prose poem is dedicated to the Bigge family in Anacortes, WA.    Striped and spotted like the African bush, his majestic jaw juts into the cloudy sky. His puffed chest recalls days of Egyptian lore.   Chasing after… Read On

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Mom vs Alaska

Mom wearing my straw hat at The Park

It’s been a packed 5 days in extraordinarily humid & hot Chicago. I’m really glad for the lousy weather, because it reminds me why I no longer live here. Other visits in the past duped me with great weather, and enticed me to move back. Not a chance, this time.… Read On

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