Ode to Earl

Earl in the garden

This prose poem is dedicated to the Bigge family in Anacortes, WA. 

Striped and spotted like the African bush, his majestic jaw juts into the cloudy sky. His puffed chest recalls days of Egyptian lore.


Chasing after the shy female, he cavorts & struts in the dirt, letting all who see him know he is the king, he reigns.


Finding distraction among the trees, his slim speckled body disappears with a tail swish. Like a snake, he glides silently, flowing to an unknown rhythm.


Black padded feet on leaf-strewn earth makes for invisible prowling. Off to inspect his territory, and assert his undisputed maleness, keeping enemies at bay. His furry, paw-printed job is never done.


It’s hard running a kingdom,
In this big backyard. 

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