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Kotzebue, AK – Montage – 20Sep11

This is the 2nd video made for the Nome Rotary Club meeting, Sept. 21st at Noon. I was surprised how much longer it was than Point Hope's. But certain clips were just too precious to cut. Would love feedback on the use of music, and whether it was effective. Also on the still shots. Thanks & enjoy!

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Point Hope Video Montage – 19Sep11

Here is a small video montage I put together for a presentation at the Nome Rotary Club. The meeting is held on Sept. 21st at Noon, at the Airport Pizza restaurant. It's the first time I've been asked to speak on the project, and I'm really honored. Many people are excited for my presentation. I've got 3 move videos I'm trying to do, but keep running out of disk space! Can't wait to get my new hard drive in Unalakleet...

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Video Blog: How am I doing? – 14-15Sep11

Hooray! Finally another video blog about yours truly & my Alaska adventures so far. How am I doing? How am I feeling? What is Nome like? What are Alaskans like? Find out all this and more...

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Paddle To Swinomish: Arriving Canoes – July 25th, 2011

Amidst the pouring rain, canoe after canoe arrived on the Swinomish shore in the channel next to the reservation. Families hustled in to get their canoe's off the sand & safely set aside. After the rain, chiefs and others came back after supper to empty out water & dry their canoes. It was quite a muddy mob scene that day. Severely unedited- thanks for your patience!

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Paddle To Swinomish: Canoe Innards – July 25th, 2011

Paddle to Swinomish - Canoe innards - 25Jul11 from The SpokenCoast Project on Vimeo.

Here is an unedited clip from the Paddle To Swinomish opening day on July 25th, 2011. It's the insides of a canoe from a Canadian tribe on the Northern part of Vancouver Is. The man in the video is the tribal chief. Shot with the Drift HD170.

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“You can see Russia from my house!”

Wales, AK sunset w/ feint outline of Big Diomede island, Russia

–Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (The blog post photo reveals the feint outline of Big Diomede island.) Heading to Nome, AK tomorrow, and will greatly miss this tiny community of 143 people on the mainland tip of the Seward Peninsula, the closest village to mainland Russia. Out in the middle… Read On

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“Wild Alaska” on the Noatak River

Boating on the Noatak River, Alaska

The Alaska vehicle license plate has the motto “The Frontier State”. They aren’t joking.   A Simple Boat Trip   Monday night in Kotzebue I was lucky to be invited on a boat ride by a couple fellas, who wanted to head up the Noatak river for sightseeing & wood… Read On

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Native Foods of Point Hope, AK

seal skin Point Hope, AK

Right from my first evening in Point Hope, AK, I was introduced to the amazing native foods of the Inupiaq (in-noo-pak) people. My first delicacy was caribou meat with potatoes and carrots. We dipped it in seal oil. The fats and blubbers of whales and seals are often “rended”. I’m… Read On

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