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Revised Point Hope video – 25Oct11

Finally found time to include the feedback I received on the first combo interview video on Point Hope. Let me know what you think of this newer version. Added some background on the village, and cleaned up the sound. Hope you enjoy it!

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Mountain Madness

Well, the time has come to get clean on the reality of my climbs, folks. Aw, geez – how do I say this? I want to climb, I really do! But two factors are making it really hard to commit: money & money. I simply don’t have $6k+ to climb… Read On

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Interview Learnings

Percy Nakarak, Unalakleet, AK - kitchen

Many of you have been following my¬†blog, and so understand how deeply enriching it has been to film the incredibly generous volunteers for this project. Their willingness to get vulnerable on camera has blown me away. The interviews inspire me to keep going on days when I feel lonely, wiped… Read On

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The Skinny on Alaska Bush Airlines

Gant Aviation, Hooper Bay

So far, I’ve spent approximately $2500 in airline tickets ALONE, and only explored 6 villages in Western Alaska. Although only 2 villages are left on my list that are non-serviceable by ferry, the Winter ferry service may change that. Like anything, not all bush airlines are created equally. But, in… Read On

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SpokenCoast Theme: Finding meaning in one’s life

Cessna Caravan from Bethel to Hooper Bay, AK - Sunrise

Hooray! Here it is! The “Viktor Frankl” post. It gives me a special thrill because I like that Viktor is spelled with a “k”. Gives off a Transylvanian¬†vibe… Drive Out Fear It’s one of the “14 Points of Quality” by Dr. Edwards Deming. In a recent interview by Meghan Ward… Read On

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Quick Unalakleet Update

Gravesite Angel - Unalakleet, AK

Dear SpokenCoast Friends, Family, & Followers, Just a quick note to let you know I’m doing swell. I haven’t gotten to the “Viktor Frankl” post yet, but it will happen soon. I promise. How are things on your side? How are your kids? Your jobs? Your access to the natural… Read On

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Nome Is Where The Heart Is

Almost full moon over Salmon Lake, Nome, AK

This post was written back on September 29th. Due to the intensely personal nature of the content, it took me several days of consultation & editing to decide on the final piece. Thanks for your patience & understanding. These last 2 weeks in Nome, AK have been really special, in… Read On

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