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Percy Nakarak, Unalakleet, AK - kitchen

Many of you have been following my blog, and so understand how deeply enriching it has been to film the incredibly generous volunteers for this project. Their willingness to get vulnerable on camera has blown me away. The interviews inspire me to keep going on days when I feel lonely, wiped out, or doubtful of the project’s success. The interviews keep me looking inward, to my own journey through Life, questioning, wondering, releasing.

I could wax poetic for days on this, so I’ll just leave you with some key learnings & themes from what people have said so far:

1) Keep busy – when faced with something hard, don’t sit around & stew on it day after day. Get yourself involved in something, anything. Taking your mind off the problem will ease a lot of suffering.

2) Desperation brings change. It’s like an alcoholic hitting “bottom”. Sometimes things have to get SO bad, before a person is willing to try something new. If you fail horribly, trust whatever answer that comes next. That answer is your phoenix that will rise from the ashes of your failure.

3) Stay connected to people. If you are close with your family, stay in contact with them. If you are close to your friends, same. If you have no family or friends, find support groups, join a church, call a hotline. Do whatever it takes (phone, email, pony express, etc.) to make a human-to-human connection. It will save you.

4) Remember who you are. Remember where you came from, whether ethnically, gender-wise, geographically, or whatever. Remember your ancestry, the place you grew up, the people who mentored you & helped shape you. These memories will help stabilize you & re-build your confidence.

Hugs, prayers, and gratitude to all those who have kindly let me interview them so far, leading to this incredible wisdom. It wasn’t me! This is all from other people. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share it with you, dear readers.

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