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Well, the time has come to get clean on the reality of my climbs, folks. Aw, geez – how do I say this?

I want to climb, I really do! But two factors are making it really hard to commit: money & money.

I simply don’t have $6k+ to climb Denali. In South America, things will be cheaper. Likely I can pull off Shasta, Baker, & Hood unguided. But, not Denali. And if guides are needed on the South American peaks, it’ll start to add up.

Plus, it’s been very difficult to keep up with training, when I’m constantly scrambling around for interviews, or else on shoots.  Only 1 hike has materialized in “bush” Alaska so far. That’s because I don’t have transportation to get out to the deeper countryside. I’ve gone on runs outside of villages, but I only get so far.

The long & the short of it is, it’s too much to film & climb all in one go.


With YOUR HELP, this dream to honor my brother Mickey can still come true. Here’s how:

Come climb with me. 

Yup, you read me right – join me! If there is a group of people with me to climb, the options are so much greater! We could: a) split the costs of a guide, b) climb unguided, c) split the costs of bush planes, food, gear, etc. d) any of the above plus have a hella good time!

The way I see it, other than gear acquisition (which is still a huge help), the only way I’m going to summit these peaks is if there’s other people involved that I’m committed to. As a human (I know, I know – it’s hard to accept I’m not a superhero. Just try…), saving face & a desire to be badass are strong motivators for all of us. Your commitment to climb a peak with me will get my juices flowing in just the right way, and save us all a heap of cash.

Recently I had the honor of hearing John Baker speak, the 2011 Iditarod winner, and first Native Alaskan winner in 35 years. His speeches focused on his team. He said many times over that he was just the frontrunner, and his incredible team is what made the win happen. Pretty humble & amazing stuff for a fellow who pulled a win after 16 years of trying. Makes me feel like a whiner!

The point is, people don’t do great things without the help of friends & community. For the most part, I’m doing this project solo. I forged ahead & worried about the details later. While many folks have graciously said that’s inspired them, it could also be the Achille’s heel of the project, creating compromised content, and less access to people or cool stories, or a whole host of other problems.

I need a team, to make this project run. There’s so much help I could use for the day-to-day stuff, but have no money to pay people. That being said, I could use a grant writer! But, that’s not the point. For me, the climbs are a key piece to my own healing, and to the healing of what remains of my family. Every mountaineer has their reasons to climb mountains, but how many times do you meet a climber who does it for someone else?

Yeah, ok, there are fundraisers & stuff. But, I mean really do it for someone else? As in leave ashes at the top, kinda thing. You probably haven’t met many. And, that’s just it: this project is about my brother’s legacy, about hope, about providing an opportunity for generosity. It’s not about the cool people I meet, or places I visit, or crazy foods I ingest.

So, whaddya say? Pick some dates! I’m flexible. Tell me which peak you want to climb. Tell me when, and together we’ll make it happen.

After all, Mickey was about community, not a solo adventure. His outdoor friends meant the world to him, second only to his family. Let’s pick up where Mickey left off, and go summit some s%$#!!

Thanks in advance for getting serious & sticking your neck out. You all rock!

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