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Returning Home: That Old Familiar Friend

Mom close-up pillow

  Homecoming   This blog post was started in my mind about 3 dozen times. Now that I’m poised at the keyboard at Anchorage Int’l airport, poised to launch myself back to the Big Village that I was raised in, the village called The Windy City, The City of Big… Read On

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Fast Times at Hooper Bay – Part 2

Native Aspirations Contact plaque - Elias Stone

Unexpected Forerunner When searching for interviews, much to my surprise, I was told of another lady who had come to Hooper Bay several years back to film a documentary also, which was released in 2010. It’s called The Yu’pik Way by a gal named Beth Edwards. I heard all sorts of stories… Read On

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Fast Times at Hooper Bay – Part 1

Hooper Bay, AK boardwalks in older part of village

Getting back to my Hooper Bay Experience two weeks ago, it was too short a time spent there to really get the full gist of the community. But several things popped out at me… Beautiful Swampland I heard so much about how the communities on the Yukon-Kuskokwim river deltas were… Read On

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vBlog – New Direction, New Fear – 01Nov11

Nobody said making a film was easy. Nobody said flying by the seat of one's pants was easy. Nobody said anything about easy. Watch for the latest on where The SpokenCoast Project is going, and what the future may hold...even I don't know, which is definitely not easy.

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