End of My Day – Dec. 4th, 2011

Better late than never! Finally the other half of my video blog from early December. I filmed myself at the end of the day to show how up & down the days can be here, caretaking for my mom. Now that our “Christmas” is done, with less pressure & more days under my belt, I’m feeling less rocked by my mom’s worsening condition. When you see enough horror, you become used to it I guess. The last days have been quite joyful. I’m so glad to be here, & grateful for the opportunity to keep learning about Life. And I’m grateful to all of YOU! Happy Holidays!

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  1. CheHae Funk says:

    You are an amazing woman Marisa! I truly believe that everything from your past is what makes you who you are today, amazing! Don’t believe anything different! And having known you, your mom, Mickey and the rest of the family…I am a better person! I miss you lots!! I may not respond much but follow you on your site regulary. Krupas are always in my prayers! Stay strong (although most of the time I think you know no less) and know that you are loved! Peace my sister!!

    • marissa says:

      CheHae! Merry Christmas, sister! Thanks so much for dropping a note. I miss you too! Hope life is going well. Is Andrew asking you for EMT advice? He probably needs it anyway even if he’s not asking… 🙂 I am a better person for knowing _YOU_, darlin’. Your honestly & realness & fantastic hugs keep my soul nourished. You are right – our pasts make us who we are. My experience is also that if the painful part isn’t let go, then the strength part can’t arrive. Being here is such a gift, for me, and for many others. Just today my best friend called & she shared a similar story about how one person’s situation allows another to respond. My mom’s situation is allowing me to respond with compassion, kindness, & generosity. She is giving me an opportunity to be of service to her comfort. What an honor! It feels like my past is being mulched into rich fertilizer. Before it was still stinky poop lying flat on the ground. Now it can do some good, and make the garden of love in our family grow. That includes you! You are the magic that makes The Krupas — for we are nothing without our friends.

      Wishing you delight & peace in the New Year!

      Love you, hon!

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