Dreams Tell The Truth

Nome Church nighttime

…well for me anyway. I’ve had so many dreams in the last month that have all had sincere significance or actually come true that it’s almost creepy. The folks at Psychic Horizons school in San Francisco said that everybody has psychic abilities, but like all things the skill needs to be nurtured and developed.

Roller Coaster

A week or so before my mom died, I dreamt of a crazy roller coaster. I went to a theme park with some kids, but then when we went on to the giant looping roller coaster, the ground disappeared and clouds covered the pylons that connected the coaster to the earth. Suddenly I was all by myself on the coaster, with strangers I didn’t know.

The twists, turns, loops, and totally insane Big Drop was unlike any coaster I’ve ever been on. It was so jarring, that it wasn’t even pleasurable. The Big Drop was so scary that I almost lost my stomach and then it suddenly bottomed out. Oh, man.

Then, just when a “regular” roller coaster would end, this one kept going! Up and down, twisting, spinning all around. I could get off! It wouldn’t stop!

That’s when I felt exasperated. I thought, “Really? Does it have to be quite like this?”

My interpretation: this was my fear at how my mom’s death and the ensuing family stuff would play out, also with my emotional state.

Reality: it really was like my dream. So many nutso-crazy things have happened with family, and with my own emotions (especially the anger that came up & stayed for a week), that it really was as insane as that roller coaster.

At least the dream helped me to prepare a little bit…


I had a dream a few days before my mom died about my brother Mickey, who also passed away 11 months prior. It was the first dream I had with him since the time of his passing.

There are a lot of details, but the long & short of it was I sought him out to ask for help with Mom. He was very reluctant and really sad. He didn’t want to meddle in Mom’s voyage. But, without speaking words, he & I both knew she couldn’t do it without his help.

He reluctantly agreed. There was tremendous sadness in his face. There was a period of what felt like 15 minutes where I was simply staring at his profile. There was no famous Mickey smile. There was no silly joke. He just stood in front of me, contemplating what I asked him to do, and breathed.

My Interpretation: My mom needed extra emotional help to cross over, help that I didn’t have the knowledge or capacity to give. The next day I told my mom about the dream, but I believe she was already in unconsciousness. Medical experts advise, though, that the hearing is the last to “go”. So, I told her all the details about it anyway.

Reality: Sure enough, people who meditated at the time of Mom’s passing said they felt Mickey was there helping her, too.

The Puma and the Two Wolves

This dream came after an intense time with my brother & sister-in-law in Chicago. I was also trying to sort out an exchange relationship where I was providing some video to a yoga studio and would take their teacher training class as payment.

I was motoring from a village or city into the country, like around the time of the Model T. The countryside looked like something out of a British movie from before the second World War. The cart or Model T or whatever we were riding in stopped, and we had to proceed the rest of the way on foot, to our destination. The destination was not revealed to me.

To do this, we (my companions were some kind of friends, from what I could tell), had to walk down a “country lane”, that was too narrow for a vehicle, but bigger than just a dirt footpath; it was covered in large flat stones.

As we walked by the cottages all lined up in a row on this lane, there was a puma in the yard of one of the homes. I stopped and stared. It was so beautiful!! I was in total awe of this magnificent creature, and the power it exuded just by breathing. I said as much to my companions.

Off we went down the lane, and then it ended in a “T”, with a footpath. To the left went slightly uphill, and was brighter than to the righ, which went slightly downhill and disappeared in the gloom of a thicket. Even so, we went to the right, that was where our destination was, and we all knew it, even though we couldn’t see it.

The next day, I came by myself back to the “T” intersection of lane & footpaht, and got ready to turn right, after walking back past the cottages from the main road where I had come from the day before. Apparently I had gone to the market in town or some such thing. This time the puma sprang up behind me, and chased me down the footpath! I remember feeling a lot of fear. It was odd to me that my respect of the puma the day before somehow didn’t last.

The next time I came to the “T” of footpath & lane, it was dusk. I was with a companion, telling them about the puma chase the day before, when the light of my torch or whatever lightsource I was carrying, flashed on a set of eyes off past the “T”, up the hill in the mist. I thought for sure it was the puma, and ran to the left starting down the lane past the cottages. But instead, it was two wolves! They caught up to me easily, and I ran like heck as fast as I could. One wolf began to nip at my fingers every time my arms swung backwards while running.

My Interpretation: wth the help of my dad, he suggested the two wolves were the two paths I was exploring in the next 6 months. He said the path off into the dark thicket was the unknown of where this project and my life were going, and the two wolves were two options: 1) yoga teacher training 2) learning to trade the markets. Both have their merits, and could be funding sources while I’m on the road. But, they are different.

Reality: the trading thing has not come to fruition. There were other signs that indicated it wasn’t the right time, and I had other stuff on my plate. The yoga exchange, although there was a rocky spot, has resolved itself more clearly, and seems to be moving forward.


I was in China again, and had been wooed by a Chinese guy with a very sweet, innocent love. Turns out after some reflection, the person was someone I actually knew while teaching there 10 years ago. I won’t say more than that, to protect the innocent.

As love often produces, I became pregnant. There were a lot of weirdnesses to the pregnancy. Because of taboos around foreigners and Chinese raising families, or I should say Chinese men and foreign women, we did not show affection in public, especially when my belly began to show.

Far along into the pregnancy, I began to have contractions. We were out at the market, far from the hospital. Our finances were low, and my “husband” did not want to, or maybe didn’t have the money for a taxi, so we had to take a series of buses, and walk in between some stations through squares and such. At one point, I had a bad contraction on a set of stairs, and I had to call after my partner to come back & help me up, and I didn’t have the strength to get off my knees.

By the time we made it to the hospital, the baby’s head was breaching, and I was screaming in agony. I held on to the baby’s head until nurses & doctor’s could build a makeshift birthing room in the lobby of the hospital, because I could no longer walk or move.

My interpretation: it’s interesting that the dream didn’t end after I gave birth to the baby, but while the labor was still happening. This “baby” could be many things. It could be the film project, the yoga video project, or some other creative project in my life. It seems like I’ve made choices or set things up such that I can’t get the help I need.

Reality: I do feel very overwhelmed with my film project, and even the yoga video project. Editing is a giant amount of work. I’ve considered trying to attract students in film programs who want editing experience to edit an interview, with some guidance by me, but with full reign to be as creative as they like. In order to do this, I still must prepare notes via cataloging. Because of the yoga video, I feel my time to dedicate to my own project is hampered. I’m reconsidering the yoga teacher training class as a result. I’m still on the fence. Because of this, it makes sense the baby hasn’t come out all the way yet, don’t you think?

Bike Accidents

I had a vague dream a week or so ago where I met some new women for the first time at some kind of gathering, and was chatting about something. One woman talked about how she had a bicycle accident, and as a result of her head trauma, she didn’t talk to her sister for 13 years! I was stunned to hear this, and thought about how sad that must have been for both of them.

My Interpretation: Everybody has stuff with their family, and it could always be worse.

Reality: I did meet this woman in my dream, and she told the exact same story as in my dream. It was during the drop-offs at the thrift store in Conifer. As she began to speak, and the chill of deja vu crept over me, I knew my dream was accurate.


I’d love to hear your dreams! Share some neat ways where you’ve dreamt something that impacted your life in some way. Or tell me another interpretation of the dreams I talked about. Sleep and the dreams that come are a powerful mystery. How has it affected your life?



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