Master Cleanse Day 7/8: The Last (Liquid) Supper

Just a quick update to share all my learnings & discoveries while on this cleanse. I may have more tomorrow.

Did some yoga this morning, and really felt great! I had the energy, and the presence of mind. My legs, specifically my thighs, and hips & butt area, all just feel lighter somehow. It’s like there were tendrils of weird energy that coiled around that whole area before, preventing flexibility and good use. Today, although stiff from driving 5 days from Seattle, I felt more flexible than in a long time.

My skin is also sensitive to hot & cold more. While in the shower, the fairly hot water, like how I usually have it, felt like fire.

All in all, sensitivity seems to be more apparent. Doing this cleanse in the car for 5 days was a brilliant idea, because I hardly had any personal interactions with people. It also saved me money on food, and time wasted in fast food joints.

Since returning, I just notice things more, specifically negative energy. Last night’s 9PM news on WGN just dragged my soul into a bowl of cherry pits. At least they were cherries… I literally had to peel myself away during one depressing story because I began to feel physically ill.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just changed enough since three weeks back when I began the journey to clean out mom’s storage locker, that things and people just strike me differently now. Either way, negative vibes are very repellent at the moment. I just want to get away from them as soon as possible.

Sleeping in the pickup was hard not because of the below freezing temps on some nights, but because I didn’t have the right kind of fuel in my body to keep myself warm. So, by night 3 & 4, a “survival” mechanism kicked in via a hyperactive mind, preventing me from relaxing enough to fall asleep. It was like an anxiety. I had to coax my mind into believing that falling asleep wouldn’t kill me. Isn’t that something? I learned so much about the power of the mind from this experience.

Believe it or not, the last 2 days have been harder than the first 3. Now, I just want to get back to eating. I crave it. I know it’s an idea in my mind, but I really can’t wait to eat again. Even though I made Paleo Diet chicken soup and stuff for the next several days, I stayed “clean” and didn’t eat. Ok, I tasted the broth a couple times, but that was it! I swear. But, I sure did salivate upon smelling all the glorious smells! Pavlov was a genius.

I tried the climbing gym tonight & had a very positive experience. I could do easy bouldering problems well. But, top rope on longer routes was hard, and I kept running out of endurance. This makes total sense because the maple syrup would give me bursts of fast energy, but not sustain me enough for long-term exertion. It was a fun & neat time, and I’m proud of what I accomplished on the wall, for many reasons which don’t apply to this post. All I’d like to say is a big YAHOO!

That’s all for now. More deep insights tomorrow, the day I break the fast!

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