Haiku Reflections on The Master Cleanse

My dear pal Chelsea Griffie taught me a fun way to capture succinctly the adventure of an outdoor trip – write haiku! Haiku is a poetry format in three lines, with the syllables in 5-7-5 format. You can find these & many more haiku on Twitter. This time it’s about my experiences on The Master Cleanse, driving crosscountry, and all that came with it…enjoy!

WARNING: several of the following haiku are about poop.


Liquid butt stream flow
Weird and disturbing at first
Rested hemorrhoids

Mind on a spaceship
Food! Oh – I’m okay. Really?
Forgetful focus

Shrinking stomach sees
Fast food billboards on a plain
Super size that poop?

Stimulate vision
Stimulate food desire
Tasting Mind’s habits

Salt water flushing
Make sure to use enough salt
Farts turn into runs

Post cleanse eating was
Too soon, too rich, too much – ugh!
Throbbing hemorrhoids

Cows and hawks and plains
Miss the act of chewing still
Big Sky time to think!

Still shrunken stomach
Sense of scarcity made big
Portions and poops – ow!

Thinking, planning, then
Buying, preparing, eating
Food controls our time

Building commitment
With mind, with body, with heart
Belief system shifts

Following soup poop
Emotions let go. Soaring
Hawks feed on the scraps

Gutted emotions
Can’t remain attached; daily
tea called “Smooth Move”, yo.

I’d rather burp up
Lemonade and cayenne than
Fish oil like now. Ick!

Amazing mixture
Gave sustenance all day long.
Simple life – who knew?

My relationship
To my body, can be changed.
Single decision

Body awareness
Listen and feel as if my
Hide was sandpaper.

What is the bridge of
The belly, mind, and feelings?
The breath, love, the breath.

Homemade chicken broth
Never tasted so good – woo!
Lip smackin’ dee-lite!

PS: Dontcha just love the Pampers “clean N go” wipes in the image? 🙂 I didn’t use those personally. Toilet paper worked just fine… 

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2 Responses to Haiku Reflections on The Master Cleanse

  1. Kandy says:

    Ah! I missed the Pampers in the picture the first time I looked. Kind of like one of those “I See” or “Where’s Waldo” pictures. LOL! Been thinking about you and want to get together. Are you still just down the street?? Life is too busy! Stop…Slow…Down! Lets chat soon. 🙂

    • marissa says:

      It sure is like a “where’s waldo?”!! LOL

      Yup, just a stone’s throw from you – let me know when you’re free. Been thinking about you lots, too! I have my bike now, so we can ride around town now that the weather’s getting better. 🙂

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