It Was Mrs. Liver, In the Parlor, With the Lead Pipe

Finally able to give an update on my belly. It’s not my belly’s fault. It’s my liver’s fault.

Thankfully, two weeks ago I met an acupuncture lady here in Homewood. She interviewed me extensively on the phone before the appointment, and did a thorough examination before placing the needles during the session. She had a hunch that my liver was the culprit, and brought liver herbal remedies to the first appointment.

Amazingly, after 1 week of taking the herbs, I felt comfortable enough to start taking a second dose during the day. For the last week, the throbbing I normally felt in my colon has almost entirely subsided. Wow! It turns out it wasn’t my colon after all, but according to the acupuncture gal, my liver was out of control and invading my stomach.

There are still moments when the throbbing, cramping-like feelings take over the right side of my abdomen, but on the whole the improvements are great. I’ve been able to eat low-fiber foods like bok choy, asparagus, baby potatoes, and fried cabbage. I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill each of these foods has been to eat. Anything beyond beans, rice, & meat is a miracle, as far as I’m concerned. The other day I even ate a handful of mixed, salted, roasted nuts. And, I was fine – yay!

The liver represents many emotions, and has certain functions in Eastern or Chinese medicine. I was surprised to learn that eye problems, excessive menstral bleeding, and dizziness were symptoms along with irritibility, anger, resentment, and frustration.

It makes sense to me that after facing the cancer diagnosis of my brother & mother in 2009, my anger was too great to confront, and instead I swallowed it down where it rested in my liver. I’ve been a pretty high-energy person my whole life, as well as having digestion issues my whole life, but clearly the emotions of the last few years pushed my liver organ into exhaustion.

Along with the acupuncture liver treatments, I’m working out my anger through grief counseling at the cancer support center here in town. It’s difficult to face; somehow it feels wrong to be angry with someone who’s dead. But, the only person who’s getting hurt is me. So, if I want to get better, heal, and move forward, I’ve got to work through this for myself. My health & wellbeing are the only thing I have.

So, I continue to baby my belly, and treat my liver.  I’m confidently on the road of recovery. It may be a long & winding road, but I’m on it for sure, and not going back.

Good luck & good health to you!

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