Air Prayers: taking good intentions to the next level

Back in June, I had the delightful surprise of being contacted by Christine Marzullo, the founder of Air Prayers.  She started Air Prayers after her father passed away suddenly, in 2004.

What I love about Christine’s organization, is she has tapped into the value of energy through prayer. She felt first-hand what it was like to offer prayer up to the heavens, through the balloon release she did on the Father’s Day after her dad passed. That moment created release for the entire family, yet also inspired them all to carry on the legacy that her dad left. Reading her story truly touched me.

Since that time, Christine formed an organization to help with balloon releases, but also bring awareness to the power of prayer. Prayer is essentially a focussed point of attention, around something you would like to manifest for yourself or others. By writing prayer notes on something, then releasing it, it sends the energy of the prayer into the world around us, to be transformed, and boomerang back in a fulfilling way.

Instead of using balloons, I have a “God box”. It was a gift from a dear friend, from when I house-sat for her. When something is bothering me, or I want something good to happen for someone, I write it on a piece of paper & put it in the God box. I ask for the highest good to come for myself or that person, with whatever the circumstance may be.

After some time, I review the notes in the box. Usually I am totally amazed at how the circumstance was resolved, without much effort on my part. Or sometimes, I’ve forgotten the thing that bothered me during that time, as it became no longer important. Setting an intention is extremely powerful. Releasing that intention, is even more powerful. It is an act of humility, of acknowledging one’s human-ness, one’s inability to control Fate.

Air Prayers embodies this concept with their “Live Prayers” page.  Anyone can submit a prayer, and the message scrolls on their screen for a couple months. Plus, when you purchase an engraved glass “balloon bouquet” from the Air Prayers Blue Angels collection, a percentage is donated to Ronald McDonald house in Northern Chicago.  Folks who want to donate directly to Ronald McDonald can have their engraved art placed in the “contemplation room” of the new house near Lurie Children’s hospital.

Despite all this amazing stuff, Air Prayers did “little ol'” me the honor of writing about The SpokenCoast Project on their blog. Since the time of that interview, so much has happened, so much growth, so much grief, so much Life.

Much of the last 8 months since my mom passed away has been held up by the prayers of my readers, friends, and family.  I can’t begin to thank you for all that you have done, by setting your intentions for my healing, and the healing of my family, through our challenges this year.

Your prayers really worked, and I am living proof. For that, I pray for all of you for abundance, blessings, and peace. Namaste.

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  1. GRANT FUNK says:

    Remember me? (Hooper Bay, Ak)
    I am glad you are beginning to find some healing with all your loss.
    I have a couple of questions though – what is the object of “Air Prayers”? By that, I mean, where do the prayers go? Who or what is there to answer them or deal with them? Is it simply the energy in the air? What does this “energy” consist of?
    Perhaps I am a bit “old school” in a lot of things but I believe there is a personal God that has revealed Himself in creation as well as in writing. I am using the term “God” literally meaning ‘no higher being or power in the universe’. That is also why I use the term in a singular sense. I believe God is a person, not an impersonal energy. That is who I take my requests to. But it goes beyond the mere request to a desire I have for relationship. That, too, is where I find the ultimate relationship. I firmly believe that God stepped into human history and put on skin and took on a name we call Jesus. I invite you to look into that relationship. He has been my God for over 40 years now and I have never felt alone or without Him.
    I enjoy your updates.

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