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It took me 6 weeks to write this post, too. I guess I came up against my own judgement wall around the “Mary Kaye” model of business ownership.

My entire working career has been in sales, marketing, and customer service. Now, I finally am part of sales & business building with products I can truly stand behind.

I am an NYR Organic consultant.

It’s a good thing! No…it’s a GREAT thing!

NYR Organic as a company is the real McCoy. From soup to nuts, plant growing to shipping, they strive to employ every possible means to reduce carbon footprint, sustainably harvest and make their products, and offer fair trade wages. What’s not to love?

PLUS – they provide consultants like me a list of which products are gluten free, nut free, or contain rye alcohol. This Is Huge! For folks with gluten and nut allergies like me, I finally have access to super high quality, soil-certified organic products for my face & skin!

To learn more about this incredibly company and their products, including ingredients lists & the like, please visit my online store:

Why I Joined

As you all know, 2 people in my immediate family died of cancer. My mom also had the terrible neurological disease of Parkinson’s. Doctors & researchers actually know far less about these diseases than they lead us to believe.

How do I know? Because I spent many hours in doctors’ offices watching their reactions, faces, etc. as they tried to explain to my mom & brother what was wrong with them. One of my blessings is a highly tuned BS-ometer. When someone’s eyes don’t line up, I can tell pretty quickly.

Given that, I don’t want the same fate. Because of all my allergies & stomach problems, I’ve grown concerned at the role chemicals play in our lives. My mom dyed her hair for about 35 straight years. Maybe even 40. How did all those bleaches and chemical dyes affect her? Who knows? But she had brain cancer. You see? What if they are connected?

This is why I support organic all the way. I want to be able to type one of the ingredients on the bottle into Google, and see a photo of a plant. I want to know that the plant used in the lotion on my skin didn’t get sprayed with DDT or some other such icky stuff before it was ground into the lotion.

AND – I especially want to put no aluminum or chemical product on my underarms. The instances of breast cancer are so freakin‘ high these days, forgeddaboudit. I’d rather stink like a pig, than put pore-clogging stuff on my pits.

The beautiful thing is, I can be safe & stink no more! NYR has a completely chemical free deodorant that REALLY WORKS. Trust me, I’m teaching yoga like a mad fool, getting hot & sweaty several times a day, and I NEVER SMELL.

The Lavender & Aloe scent is my favorite, but many folks like the Lemon & Coriander. Go ahead & try it out. Do your body some good. Click here:

Building A Dream Team

Even with the amazing products, the best part about joining NYR has been building a team. I can’t begin to describe how rewarding it is to offer this incredible opportunity to others’, and watch them run with it!

Not only is NYR Organic a fantastic additional stream of income along with my yoga teaching, (I hit $1500 in sales within 30 days. Yes, it IS that good.) but I also get to coach, help, learn from, and assist other folks to build their own business. What an honor!

Humbleness is my middle name these days. It is so humbling to watch people use this opportunity as a way to transform their lives.

So, if YOU, yes YOU or anyone else you know wants to enliven your situation with extra money, give the gift that keeps on giving by sponsoring others onto your NYR team, and generally be an educator and ambassador for fair business practices, let me know!

I’m in the process of building a nationwide team RIGHT NOW, and you could be on it!

In Good Health,


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2 Responses to My Other New Life: NYR Organic

  1. Akemi says:

    Hello Marissa,
    I’m glad to know you are enjoying your life, starting Yoga and new life at NYR. I have been sick since July (not so heavy). In July I struggled terrible pains of neck and arm. It was really PC-related pains. Now I’m getting better. I started Kanpo, Asian herbs as some kind of medicines. (Very bitter ^^;)

    Now Japan is very beautiful autumn season… blue sky, no crazy hot days any more.
    I hope you are doing well.


    • marissa says:

      hi Akemi!

      Thanks so much for your comments! Sorry to hear of your recent illness. I’m glad you are getting better. Recently I ate some Filipino food with bitter melon. It was hard to get down – I can’t imagine the taste of the herbs you are taking!

      Thanks very much for your well-wishes! My new life is busy & hectic, but overall good. Being self-employed is scary. It’s a good way for me to learn how to let go of fear.

      Hope we can see each other again soon!

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