Washington State: “Where You Get Worked”

Editor’s Note: This blog post was never published by accident, from my trip to Washington State last year. Enjoy! — Mt. Baker had weather coming in, so my partner and I decided to climb a moderate multi-pitch at Washington Pass, where the famous Liberty Bell formation calls home. We both… Read On

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Mt. Adams – The Path of Pain

Mt. Adams summit photo

As I type this in the air-conditioned White Salmon, WA library, my body still aches from the Mt. Adams summit Tuesday, despite loading up on bottles of Vitamin I. Remember all those lessons I thought I learned on Mt. Hood? Well… The Skin of Death In the hopes of avoiding… Read On

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Mt. Hood to the Hogsback

View up the Hogsback to the Bergshrund on Mt. Hood  

We didn’t summit. For a lotta reasons. 1) It took us forever to get there, because of switching back & forth from crampons to skins to crampons. We arrived 1.5 hours behind schedule. 2) Conditions were so deteriorated we would have to climb left of the Pearly Gates, a 60-degree… Read On

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Clothing Review: Prana Halle and Avril pants

Being a lady climber is not all it’s “cracked” up to be. There are unique challenges off the rocks that present themselves. Trying to find other female climbing partners is not easy. Not every gal climber has the hutzpah to climb without a dude. Then there’s the dude climbers who… Read On

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Hood & Baker: It’s happening…

After several months and iterations of climbing partners, I’m about to embark on climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. Baker. I’ll be leaving Colorado on June 9th, returning sometime after June 21st. I’m psyched. Mt. Hood I still have a lot of research to do on this peak. I’ll be skiing… Read On

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