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Mt. Adams – The Path of Pain

Mt. Adams summit photo

As I type this in the air-conditioned White Salmon, WA library, my body still aches from the Mt. Adams summit Tuesday, despite loading up on bottles of Vitamin I. Remember all those lessons I thought I learned on Mt. Hood? Well… The Skin of Death In the hopes of avoiding… Read On

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Mt. Hood to the Hogsback

View up the Hogsback to the Bergshrund on Mt. Hood  

We didn’t summit. For a lotta reasons. 1) It took us forever to get there, because of switching back & forth from crampons to skins to crampons. We arrived 1.5 hours behind schedule. 2) Conditions were so deteriorated we would have to climb left of the Pearly Gates, a 60-degree… Read On

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Hood & Baker: It’s happening…

After several months and iterations of climbing partners, I’m about to embark on climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. Baker. I’ll be leaving Colorado on June 9th, returning sometime after June 21st. I’m psyched. Mt. Hood I still have a lot of research to do on this peak. I’ll be skiing… Read On

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Memorial Day: Great Memories of Spring…Skiing!

Red Mountain 3 ski tracks

It’s been quite a year. Since August, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in online classes and a teaching internship to complete my public school teaching license for English. It was honestly the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I thought grieving two family members passing away from cancer was… Read On

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Mt. Shasta Summit – June 2013

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Mt. Shasta Successful Summit!

Ok, ok, it’s taken me a “leetle” while to get to the footage from Mt. Shasta in June. I’m human. But, we did it! Keith Barrie, Eric McClelland & I all made it to the top! It was one of the best climbing experiences I’ve had so far, much better… Read On

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Denali Denied

Marissa FemFest, Ouray, CO

I’ve been putting off writing this post since I moved to Colorado on February 11th. But, it must be done. Several days before I left Chicago, I got a phone call from my friend who was organizing our Denali team. She said the team never gelled, and her new business… Read On

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Denali. Twenty. Thirteen. Committed.

Most of last Autumn, as the holidays approached and I braced myself for the floodgates of grief to open, I felt lost. I was utterly confused. The mercury retrograde in November spanked my hind quarters. I had no idea where I was going or what the next right thing to… Read On

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August 24-26: Mt. Baker!

Tear in outside pocket of Osprey pack

Thanks to a wonderful grant from the American Alpine Club through their “Live Your Dreams” program, I’m heading to Mt. Baker in 3 weeks. A few hours North of Seattle, Mt. Baker is 10,778 ft, and the trailhead starts around 2500′, making the summit an elevation gain of about 8200′.… Read On

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Mountain Madness

Well, the time has come to get clean on the reality of my climbs, folks. Aw, geez – how do I say this? I want to climb, I really do! But two factors are making it really hard to commit: money & money. I simply don’t have $6k+ to climb… Read On

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