While financial resources around the world are scarce, the creators and participants of the SpokenCoast Project believe it is essential to offer communities a vehicle for sharing their hopeful stories to one another. Providing support to various & diverse members of a community can be challenging. Everybody handles tragedy differently. Not only will the SpokenCoast stories help those struggling through a difficult time, it will also give those offering their stories an opportunity to help others. The collective warm fuzzies from this effort are highly potent!


The SpokenCoast Project is divided into 5 unique segments.A� Each segment has specific budgetary needs.A� This way your financial support can be targeted to an exact section of the trip.



Pt. Hope, AK to Vancouver, BC (incl’d Bay Area to Pt. Hope)

BUDGET: ~$17,000

Vancouver, BC to Tijuana, MX

BUDGET: ~$6000

Tijuana, MX to Panama City, PN

Panama City, PN to Peru/Chile border


Peru/Chile border to Tierra Del Fuego, CE


Won’t you contribute to everyday people sharing their personal power, their personal transformation with the world?A� Please donate to the SpokenCoast Project now, in any of the various forms below:

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Airline Miles Contest

Airport Roadsign symbol Flying to Alaska is extremely expensive. 2011 estimates came to ~$6500, and that was only from Point Hope to Quinhagak. Half the state remains, around 6-8 more stops! Instead of continually holding out our hand to you fine readers, here's a fun new way to ask for what we need: airline miles. Sadly Marissa used the 25,000 miles she earned while inA�Alaska for her trip back to Chicago for her mother's death. She now needs ~87,500 milesA�on Alaska Airlines to complete her journey! Her next scheduled flight is estimated for Summer 2012. We'd like to say thank you for your generosity. Here's what you get for donating miles:
  • 100 miles = acknowledgement on website
  • 500 miles = the above plus postcard from the road
  • 1,000 miles = acknowledgement on website plus signed copy of Marissa's chapbook
  • 5,000 miles = above plus copy of the documentary signed by Marissa
  • 10,000 miles = above plus invitation to opening night of film
  • 50,000 miles = above plus honorary interview for the film
  • The person who donates the mostA�miles will get a special something from me!
PS: 12,500 miles get a singleA�one wayA�ticket on Alaska Air. This is a really useful item for the project. Thanks for considering it!   Login or sign up to Alaska Airlines mileage program, then click on "Buy/Gift/Transfer miles". A�Marissa's Alaska Airlines account number is: 128695243A�(There is a small charge to donate miles, but not to transfer.) If you prefer to avoid the fee, contact me, and we can arrange an airline ticket purchase through your Alaska Air account. You can also transfer points or miles from 100's of other awards programs via Sign up on their webpage, register your awards program, then click "give & redeem". Then follow the instructions using the dropdown menu on the right side. It's easy! (There is often a small charge to give miles.) Help Marissa make her goal! Contest starts NOW until completed. Go!

Chapbook: "In The Present Moment"

Chapbook writing poetry short story Last Autumn, Marissa took a writing class at Laney College to prepare for The SpokenCoast journey. The final project due was a chapbook, a small 4x5.5 booklet of her poetry, short stories, and the like. Readers of the first printing really enjoyed it!   The chapbook In The Present Moment by Marissa Krupa is available once again! The cost is $5 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. And you'll receive it from Marissa directly, while she's traveling on the road. Who knows what the postmark will say?   Support Marissa's writing habit and her journey in one fell swoop. Purchase the chapbook In The Present Moment today!  

Cold Hard Cash

Direct cash donations are greatly appreciated. The highest costs for the trip are fuel, and flights. Food is a close third. Anything you can offer will be used wisely.

SEGMENT 1 BUDGET: ~$17,000 !!! (Alaska flights are expensive!)

Here is how you can sponsor the project in cash:

Sponsor a gear item on the sale rack: $25

Sponsor a cairn (mountaintop rock memorial): $50

Sponsor a travel day (food, gas, etc.): $100

Sponsor an interview: $150

Sponsor a peak: $500

Sponsor the month of May: $2500

Sponsor the month of June: $4000

Sponsor the month of July: $3000

Sponsor the month of August: $5800

To sponsor these items, please visit us at Paypal:

In-Kind Donations

Carson Pass telemark boots cramponsTrips like this require a large amount of gear & equipment. Have some unused or gently used stuff in your garage that really should see the light of day? Not only does this drastically cut down on our budget, but it keeps your items out of a landfill. Reuse is the best a�?recyclea�?. We need the following: For Climbing -
  1. 5000-6000 cu in backpackA�(Osprey Zenon 85, Kelty Red Cloud, Gregory Electra)
  2. -20-degree down sleeping bag - sized for 5a��8a�? femaleA�(Mountain Hardware) -- OR bag liner that will take my 0-degree bag down to -20-degrees.
  3. Mountaineering harness - size SmallA�(Black Diamond)
  4. Avalanche transceiver
  5. Glacier Glasses w/ my prescription; or a�?over the glassa�? version; VLT 4-12%A�(Julbo)
  6. Double plastic mountaineering boots; size 7.5A�(Scarpa preferred b/c my feet are narrow & small)A�Thank you Backcountry Essentials!
  7. Gaitors to fit over bootsA�Thank youA�Backcountry Essentials!
  8. 10-12 point adjustable crampons Thank you Emilie Cortes!
  9. 55' of 6mm cordelette
  10. 15' of 7mm cordelette
  11. Mechanical ascender w/ slingA�(Petzl or similar)
  12. heavyweight insulted glove/mittens a�� 1 pair - size MediumA�(Marmot, Black Diamond)
  13. Down parka w/ hood - likely Womena��s MediumA�(First Ascent, Mtn Hardware, or custom (for Denali))
  14. 1 pair soft shell climbing pants - Womena��s MediumA�(First Ascent Mtn Guide pant (or similar))
  15. 1 pair camp boots a�� synthetic preferred - Womena��s size 7.5A�(Forty Below)
  16. 1 pair a�� overboots - Womena��s size 7.5A�(Forty Below)
  17. 1 soft shell jacket, wind & water resistent - Womena��s MediumA�(Patagonia Ascenionist or similar)
  18. Wind Shirt - lightweight, breathable, weather resistent - Womena��s MediumA�(Patagonia Houdini or similar)
  19. 1 pair insulated overpants a�� down - likely Womena��s MediumA�(Mtn Hardware or similar or custom)
  20. 1 pair windstopper gloves (fleece preferred) - Womena��s MediumA�(Mtn Hardware, serius or similar)
  21. Smooth surface full-length closed cell foam sleeping padA�(Zotefoams or similar)
  22. 1 pair snowshoesA�(MSR Denali) Thank you Emilie Cortes!
  23. 2 lash straps
  24. Nose guardA�(Beko)
  25. Sun maskA�(Patagonia)
  26. Crampon caseA�(Black Diamond)
  27. 16' of 1a�? tubular webbing
  28. 6' nylon parachute cord Thank you Dora!
  29. 1 collapsable nalgene or other wide-mouth bottle w/ handle
  30. Snack food for climbsA�(ThinkThin gluten free protein bars, Larabars, salted mixed nuts (no peanuts), dark chocolate bars, rice crackers)
  31. Watch w/ loud alarm & barometer/altimeter; would be nice to also have heart rateA�(Suunto or similar)
  32. Antibiotics: 1 cycle for respiratory, 1 cycle for gastro-intestinal
  33. Acetazolmide/diamox: 20 pills @ 250mg
  34. SPOT device (I'll pay for subscription if gizmo is donated)
Camping & non-climbing -
  1. 2 burner gas stove (Coleman) Thank you Joe Eckert!
  2. Gas stove fuel containers (Coleman) Thank you Eri & Anders!
  3. Size 163-165 telemark skis
  4. Telemark ski boot moldable footbed liners a�� size 7.5 forA�Scarpa T2 (I already have these boots, but liners are way packed out)
  5. Avalanche probe
  6. 2 1 folding camping chairs
  7. 2 wash tubs, kitchen style Thank you Dora!
  8. 2 6gal fuel containers (red)
  9. 2 6gal water containers (diff color)
  10. Rack or strap system to easily carry 6gal containers on or in pickup
  11. 4 new all-terrain mud & snow tires (Michelin or similar)
  12. Second car battery system Thank you Dan Stone!
  13. 2 tire rims that'll fit my tire size (ask me for size) forA�1997 Toyota Tacoma
  14. Clutch replacement for 1997 Tacoma
  15. Spanish language CDs Thank you Aaron from Travel Talk!
Contact us to donate anything on this list. Much obliged!

On-line Store

Fabulous, fantastic, fun AND functional The SpokenCoast Project logo items are available here. Help support the project by sporting a t-shirt, tote bag, or travel coffee mug! A portion of your purchase goes to us, as well as our logo & website being advertised everywhere! Thanks for helping us get the word out.  

Moral Support

Planning a trip like this isn't easy. Logistics span 6 countries and require copious resources, not to mention climbing a 20,000 foot peak. Here is a list of additional ways you can help:

  1. Promote the trip via Facebook, Twitter, and/or your blog or website.
  2. Provide housing/camping/etc. in the coastal town where you live. Contact Us.
  3. Introduce Us to an Alaska bush pilot with good rates
  4. Introduce Us to folks in the towns/villages along the West Coast, especially in hard-to-reach Alaskan towns andA�South of the US Border.
  5. Help Us to translate this webpage into as many languages as possible
  6. Introduce Us to photographer/videographer types for each Trip Segment, especially Spanish speakers forA�South of the US border.