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Flying to Alaska is extremely expensive. 2011 estimates came to ~$6500, and that was only from Point Hope to Quinhagak. Half the state remains, around 6-8 more stops! Instead of continually holding out our hand to you fine readers, here’s a fun new way to ask for what we need: airline miles.

Sadly Marissa used the 25,000 miles she earned while inA�Alaska for her trip back to Chicago for her mother’s death. She now needs ~87,500 milesA�on Alaska Airlines to complete her journey! Her next scheduled flight is estimated for Summer 2012.

We’d like to say thank you for your generosity. Here’s what you get for donating miles:

  • 100 miles = acknowledgement on website
  • 500 miles = the above plus postcard from the road
  • 1,000 miles = acknowledgement on website plus signed copy of Marissa’s chapbook
  • 5,000 miles = above plus copy of the documentary signed by Marissa
  • 10,000 miles = above plus invitation to opening night of film
  • 50,000 miles = above plus honorary interview for the film
  • The person who donates the mostA�miles will get a special something from me!

PS: 12,500 miles get a singleA�one wayA�ticket on Alaska Air. This is a really useful item for the project. Thanks for considering it!


Login or sign up to Alaska Airlines mileage program, then click on “Buy/Gift/Transfer miles”. A�Marissa’s Alaska Airlines account number is: 128695243A�(There is a small charge to donate miles, but not to transfer.)

If you prefer to avoid the fee, contact me, and we can arrange an airline ticket purchase through your Alaska Air account.

You can also transfer points or miles from 100’s of other awards programs via Sign up on their webpage, register your awards program, then click “give & redeem”. Then follow the instructions using the dropdown menu on the right side. It’s easy! (There is often a small charge to give miles.)

Help Marissa make her goal! Contest starts NOW until completed. Go!

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