Moral Support

Planning a trip like this isn’t easy.
Logistics span 6 countries and require copious resources, not to mention climbing a 20,000 foot peak.

Here is a list of additional ways you can help:

  1. Promote the trip via Facebook, Twitter, and/or your blog or website.
  2. Provide housing/camping/etc. in the coastal town where you live. Contact Us.
  3. Introduce Us to an Alaska bush pilot with good rates
  4. Introduce Us to folks in the towns/villages along the West Coast, especially in hard-to-reach Alaskan towns andA�South of the US Border.
  5. Help Us to translate this webpage into as many languages as possible
  6. Introduce Us to photographer/videographer types for each Trip Segment, especially Spanish speakers forA�South of the US border.



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