The project is in full swing! The first round of interviews was edited into a trailer, below. Here is the beginning, here is the heart of the project, here is where hope flourishes.

Thank you for watching! If you like what you see, please pass the trailer and interview videos to all that you know. If you think someone would benefit from the stories you find here, please share it with that person.

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Interview: Jacqueline Cleveland, Quinhagak, AK

Jacqueline Cleveland from Quinhagak, AK, on the Yukon-Kuskoqwim delta, speaks about finding art as a grounding force for surviving years away from her village, racism, and loneliness. Her path lead to majoring in film, and producing a gorgeous documentary about her native Yu’pik cultural dance. To view Jackie’s graduate thesis… Read On

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Mt. Shasta Summit – June 2013

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Revised Point Hope video – 25Oct11

Finally found time to include the feedback I received on the first combo interview video on Point Hope. Let me know what you think of this newer version. Added some background on the village, and cleaned up the sound. Hope you enjoy it!

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Kotzebue, AK – Montage – 20Sep11

This is the 2nd video made for the Nome Rotary Club meeting, Sept. 21st at Noon. I was surprised how much longer it was than Point Hope's. But certain clips were just too precious to cut. Would love feedback on the use of music, and whether it was effective. Also on the still shots. Thanks & enjoy!

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Point Hope Video Montage – 19Sep11

Here is a small video montage I put together for a presentation at the Nome Rotary Club. The meeting is held on Sept. 21st at Noon, at the Airport Pizza restaurant. It's the first time I've been asked to speak on the project, and I'm really honored. Many people are excited for my presentation. I've got 3 move videos I'm trying to do, but keep running out of disk space! Can't wait to get my new hard drive in Unalakleet...

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