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Denali Denied

I’ve been putting off writing this post since I moved to Colorado on February 11th. But, it must be done. Several days before I left Chicago, I got a phone call from my friend who was organizing our Denali team. She said the team never gelled, and her new business… Read On

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Denali. Twenty. Thirteen. Committed.

Most of last Autumn, as the holidays approached and I braced myself for the floodgates of grief to open, I felt lost. I was utterly confused. The mercury retrograde in November spanked my hind quarters. I had no idea where I was going or what the next right thing to… Read On

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Mountain Madness

Well, the time has come to get clean on the reality of my climbs, folks. Aw, geez – how do I say this? I want to climb, I really do! But two factors are making it really hard to commit: money & money. I simply don’t have $6k+ to climb… Read On

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