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Things I’ve Learned From Self-Employment: Part III

November’s been a whirlwind & a half. A mercury retrograde started on November 4th, and although I normally don’t get affected by those things, this time it whooped my behind. Me, Me, Me While “me, me, me” is a great vocal warmup, it’s not a great philosophy for conducting one’s… Read On

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Grief: The World Keeps Turning

Over the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve been hit with some pretty serious depression & anxiety. Anxiety over the fact that I will die someday; so will the remaining loved ones in my family & circle of friends. Depression from recalling it was 2 years ago during early October… Read On

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Things We Take For Granted

In this season of giving, I’m unable to give my time or money to charities and community groups like I normally do. Instead, my “group” is my mom; my efforts all for her comfort. When facing someone who’s dying, the gifts I receive far outweigh any measure of comfort I… Read On

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Interview Learnings

Many of you have been following myA´┐Żblog, and so understand how deeply enriching it has been to film the incredibly generous volunteers for this project. Their willingness to get vulnerable on camera has blown me away. The interviews inspire me to keep going on days when I feel lonely, wiped… Read On

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What I Learned on Mt. Rainier

Here’s post #2 about the Mt. Rainier summit. It seems like the summit happened 10 years ago. Life in Point Hope, AK has taken over everything. Living in the moment never felt so good. But, it all started on Mt. Rainier. Climbing a 14,000 foot mountain requires flexibility, yet discipline.… Read On

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A Coastal Rain

Yesterday, I went on a 6 mile run along the beach. It rained the entire time, no one was out on the sidewalks, and the beach was empty except for ornery seagulls and seaweed shrapnel.   It was the first time in a while, where my shoulders relaxed, my breath… Read On

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